15 Best Hiking Apps That’ll Make Your Next Adventure Amazing

Among the many exciting things to do in the great outdoors, hiking is one of the most popular. It helps get you out into nature plus it’s a great way to burn off some calories and make new friends while you’re at it.

The only problem is that not everyone knows where to go or which trail to take. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 15 highly-rated hiking apps for your browsing pleasure!

Benefits of Downloading a Hiking App

Hiking apps are a great way to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. They also provide a lot of information about the trails you’re going on and the area you’re in. Plus, they can help you find a trail that’s right for you and your fitness level. Here are some of the benefits of downloading a hiking app:

1. Never Get Lost

There’s nothing worse than getting lost in the woods. If you don’t know where you’re going, it can be very easy to get turned around and end up somewhere completely different than where you were planning to go.

With an app, you’ll have all the information you need to get back safely. The app will tell you how far you are from your destination, what direction you’re traveling, and even where the nearest emergency phone is located.

2. Learn More About the Trail

An app will give you all the information you need to know about the trail you’re on. This includes the elevation gain, the distance, and any other pertinent information.

3. Track Your Adventures

Apps can also track your adventures and show you how far you’ve gone and how much time you’ve spent on the trail. You can even share your progress with your friends and family.

4. Share Your Location

If you’re worried about being too far away from home, you can use an app to let people know where you are. Apps can also help you share your location with others if you’re hiking with a group.

5. Find Community

Apps can also help you connect with other group hikers. You can share your experiences and tips with others and meet new people along the way.

Drawbacks of Hiking Apps

Hiking apps give a lot of benefits to hikers, but there are some drawbacks as well. Some of these include:

1. Cell phone must be working for it

This may seem like a minor issue, but it’s important to note that your cell phone must be working for you to use the app. If your phone isn’t working, then you won’t be able to use the app.

2. Run out of battery life

While hiking, you may want to use your phone for directions, photos, or to check your email. However, if you run out of battery, you won’t be able to use your phone.

3. Don’t Have Access to the Internet

Due to the worst weather conditions, the internet does not work very well. This means that if you want to use your phone to get directions or check the weather, you won’t be able to.

How to Choose the Best Hiking App

You don’t have to go without hiking apps. There are plenty of great hiking apps available. Here are some tips to help you choose the best one for you:

1. Consider Your Needs

First, you should consider your needs when choosing a hiking app. For example, if you’re looking for a simple app, you may want to choose one that’s free. However, if you’re looking for a more advanced app, you may want to pay for it.

2. Find an App That’s Right for You

Not all hiking apps are created equal. You’ll want to consider how much information you need and what features you want in your app. Some apps focus on planning your hike, while others provide maps, routes, and detailed trail descriptions. Some apps are designed for sharing your experiences, while others are geared more toward social interaction.

3. Consider Your Budget

When choosing a hiking app, you’ll want to consider how much money you want to spend. Some apps are free, while others cost a small fee.

Best Free Hiking Apps

There a huge number of apps are available on the market but these are my top 15 choices for the best hiking apps.

1. AllTrails

This app is great for finding trails near you as well as getting detailed information about them. It also allows you to track your progress on hikes and save your favorite trails.

2. The Hiking Project

This app is perfect for finding hiking trails all over the world. It also includes detailed maps and elevation data.

3. Gaia GPS 

This app is great for hikers who want to track their GPS location and altitude throughout the hike. You can also view maps of your route and see how much progress you’ve made so far.

4. PeakFinder

This app is perfect for those who love to hike in remote areas. It uses your phone’s camera to identify nearby peaks and mountains.

5. National Geographic Trails

This app contains over 2,000 miles of trails. It also has an interactive map that lets you plan your hike and view trails in 3D.

6. TrailForks

TrailForks is another great app for hikers. It’s a GPS app that allows you to track your progress and find the fastest route to your destination.

7. National Park Trail Guide

It shows the location when you are offline, so you can use it no matter where you are. It also has a detailed map of the trail, a description of the trail, and even the distance of the hike.

8. Outdooractive 

Outdoor active is a free hiking app that is best for international hiking adventures. It provides users with detailed trail information and has a comprehensive database of trails around the world. Best free GPS app compatible with IOS devices.

9. Hiking Trail Map 

This app offers detailed maps of over 1,000 trails in North America, including information on elevation gain and loss, difficulty levels, and more. You can even add notes about your hike to share with other hikers after you return home.

10. Outdoor Journal App

Outdoor Journal App is great for recording your hikes in real-time. The app allows users to attach photos and notes, making it a valuable resource for documenting your journey. If you can’t decide which trail app to use, download all three for easy access to the data you need.

11. Map My Walk

 Great for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s a simple app that provides detailed maps and descriptions of hiking trails. Unquestionably the best free hiking app.

12. Google Maps Offline

This is a free app that allows you to view maps offline without using any data. This is perfect for those who don’t have a good internet connection or for viewing maps on the go.

13. Ramblr

Ramblr is a free app that is best for hikers who enjoy sharing their experiences. It’s a fun way to show friends where you’ve been and what trails you’re excited about.

Best paid hiking apps

These are my top picks for the best-paid hiking apps.

1. Avenza

Avenza is a GPS app that is best for hikers who want to plan their trip and save it to their GPS device. It’s also great for tracking hikes and routes.

2. Spyglass

The app Spyglass is great for hikes and exploring trails. You can use this to create a new trail or document any other adventure you have in the backcountry. If you are doing fieldwork, this will provide precision with your GPS so you don’t get lost.


In conclusion, With all the new technology, it’s no wonder that we’re starting to lose our connection with nature. But with the right apps, you can make your next hiking adventure an epic experience. These hiking apps will help you find your way, and you’ll never get lost again.

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